About Us

MacBee Special Utility District has been serving one-third of Van Zandt County, small parts of eastern Kaufman County and southern Hunt County for over 45 years. Since establishing its organization in 1965 by a handful Van Zandters who dared to dream, the District began with only 87 miles of lines, 245 members and a vision. Today the District maintains approximately 1,000 miles of lines with four storage facilities located throughout the system. The majority of MacBee SUD customers are provided water that is pumped and treated from our two million gallon a day treatment plant facility located on FM 751 which was completed for use in 1992. All customers south of State Highway 243 in the Jackson Community are served by two deep water wells.

MacBee Special Utility District began as a Water Supply Corporation, and in 2002 the membership voted to convert to a Special Utility District. Over the years the District has seen many expansions and improvements. MacBee Special Utility District strives to provide superior quality water to our customers and is continually seeking ways to improve the quality water and service at the lowest possible cost.