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Plant D Pressure Plane Distribution Line Improvements

 **  6" Water line on VZCR 2147, SH 243 reducing down to 4" Water Line from the intersection  VZCR 2504 on SH243**

The project is scheduled to begin in the next two weeks.  Moore Construction Services LLC of Jacksonville, Texas, will install the new lines.  The six (6) inch water line will start just before the intersection between VZCR 2120 and VZC R 2147.  It will be installed on the east side of VZCR 2147 and run to the intersection of SH 243.  The six (6) inch water line will continue east on SH 243 on the north side to the intersection of VZCR 2504.  From the intersection of VZCR 2504, the six (6) inch water line will be reduced to a four (4) inch water line continuing east on SH 243 to the intersection of VZCR 2112.

Even though the contractors will be digging close to your property, the easement area will be left in the same condition as when the project was started. Until the new line is installed and in good working order, there will be a service interruption to tie in existing meters to the new line.  MacBee asked that you be patient with our crew while installing the new water main.  If you have any questions, please call the office.

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