New Service

To establish new service with the District, contact our Customer Service at 903-873-2109 or stop by our office located at

MacBee Special Utility District
402 E South Commerce
Wills Point, TX

The following information is needed prior to activation of service where a meter already exists.

• Print, fill out and sign the Customer Service Application and Agreement Form and Emergency Request Form.
• Rates and Fees Download PDF

MacBee SUD requires a $250.00 account deposit for each active water service location. 

Also, for your information please read Welcome and Information sheet and MacBee SUD Policies.

An applicant requesting service at a location with no existing service will need to come to the office and meet with Customer Service to establish service. The above information as well as the following additional information will be required:

• A filed copy of the warranty deed or deed of trust for the property where the water service will be located.
• Signed Right of Way Easement.
• Signed Service Agreement Inspection. Please read New Customer Cover Letter.
• A Customer Service inspection will be conducted after the completion of a new dwelling.